The Massage Therapy profession has lost an innovative figure who helped to expand the field of not only osteopathy and bodywork professions but also complementary medicine across the board, particularly in Scotland. Nick Carter was an inspirer of many, a wonderful teacher and a dedicated therapist.

Nick had trained in Energy Work, Colour Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Manipulative Therapy and Osteopathy and had run a successful practice in Worthing.

Interest in energies and meditation and the fascination Nick Carter and Maggie Brooks shared in bodywork evolved into a close friendship and business relationship – quickly. The Brooks-Carter Clinic was born in 1991 and in 1992, they formed the Grampian School of Massage evolving later into the present Scottish Massage Schools which offers a full career progression from Swedish Massage right through to Manipulative Therapy including Remedial and Sports Massage, Advanced Remedial Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, On-Site Massage and Reflexology in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow.

Nick primarily worked as a Registered Osteopath in the Brooks-Carter Clinic in Aberdeen but also saw clients across Scotland supporting his graduates in their work. The therapists he trained are witnesses to his professionalism, skill and great knowledge.


Nick felt an organisation in Scotland was necessary for Massage Therapists to network and also so that all could benefit from continuing professional development without the travelling. As the English organisations did not really want to know, Nick approached the Scottish Office who put him through hoops. Finally, he was given permission to use the word ‘Scottish.’ and the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation was born.  

Nick and Maggie ran promotions in shopping malls, attended Health Shows, gave talks and demonstrations to groups large and small - and most certainly made a difference. The public were fascinated, courses were demanded, and more people trained and then helped to spread the massage message.

The register is now on the website and the membership continues to expand. Lecturers and presenters have travelled locally and from across the globe to Conferences and seminars.

The SMTO is one of the founder organisations of the General Council for Massage Therapy, which is working to be the lead body in Massage Therapy.

Nick was always ready to help anyone, saw all conditions as a challenge and was programmed to care. His belief in energy work combined with massage therapy was conveyed at workshops across Scotland and was reflected in his work. Nick worked with Remedial Massage Therapists in his Clinic as he combined soft tissue work with osteopathy with amazing results.

Nick lived and loved life to the full. He is remembered by family, friends, clients, students, graduates, therapists as well as fellow students from years ago. Messages now in the thousands, have come in from around the world. His soulmate Maggie continues his legacy through the Clinic, and the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation.