Achilles Tendonitis


Achilles tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon in the heel. The Achilles' tendon is critical to walking, running, jumping and going up and down the stairs. If you have Achilles tendonitis, all of these activities will be painful.The Achilles' tendon is the most injured tendon in the body. Ruptures can occur due to wee stones being kicked off the road by tyres of passing cars.

Repetitive strain causes microtears which then heal with scar tissue causing the area to be vulnerable to further injury or even rupture. The latter will require surgery or casting.Ruptpures can also occur due to wee stones being kicked off the road by tyres of passing.

Persistent strain causes irritation to the tendon, which may be caused by stiffness in your foot or weakness in your hip or an imbalance in your pelvis. In severe cases this strain may cause the tendon to rupture.

Tight calf muscles and chronic overuse, particularly in runners, may contribute to wear and tear in the tendon.

Keeping leg muscles as supple as possible to avoid unnecessary pulls on the tendon is the best prevention advice. Three calf muscles attach to the Achilles' tendon which then attaches to the heel. Calf muscles do get tight with lack of use or overuse. A regular Remedial and Sports Massage would be the way to go. 

Regular calf stretching along with other stretching is a great idea.

If the problem is coming from the pelvis and spine then a osteopathic check is advised.