Foot Pain


Posture begins at the feet and ankles, if that is not optimal then the rest of the body has to work harder and muscles and ligaments inevitably become overworked all the way up. Yes, low back pain may be coming from the feet. 

Our feet are amazing and we need to look after them. There are 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles which are attaching to those bones. Some of these muscles also attach to the leg bones.

Add to that the numerous ligaments, soft tissues, fascia, blood vessels, nerves ..... it's amazing that we don't ALL have sore feet.

There are many problems that can occur at the foot including bunions, plantar fasciitis, sprains, tendonitis and more.  The feet are filled with sensory receptors that direct our muscles and tell them when to contract in order to keep our posture correct.  Because of modern day shoes and the type of terrain that we walk on, we have slowly lost the ability to monitor our posture effectively, through our feet.

This can result in misuse or overuse of the muscles, which may result in the conditions mentioned above. It is a great idea to walk barefoot on the beach or on the grass. It is so good for your overall health as well as your feet.

Ballet dancing, wearing high heels, obesity pressures, recent injury, ill fitting shoes and more can lead to foot pain.

Foot pain may also be coming from above! It may be due to or exacerbated by and unbalanced pelvis so it is a good idea to get that checked out with one of our osteopaths.


  • reduces muscle spasm so encourages balance in joints.
  • relieves pain
  • with less pain, joints can be used more
  • increases movement ensuring that synovial fluid is secreted, which is essential for a healthy joint as the articular cartilage does not have a blood supply.
  • keeps joints mobile which helps to prevent arthritis.
  • increases blood flow to the structures of the joint
  • increases drainage.
  • also helps via the special sensory receptors around the joint telling the brain where the joint is, in terms of space and the movement it is capable of producing. 
OSTEOPATHY can help with adjustments and mobilisations as well as soft tissue work. They will help alleviate the pain from nerve irritation and/or pressure. They can also correct misaligned bones in the feet.