Matrix Reimprinting

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Matrix Re-imprinting is a way of imprinting a past trauma or memory in a new way so that it doesn't affect you, now. The effects of trauma may be affecting you in ways you didn't realise e.g. quite strong reactions to incidents that don't make sense, panic attacks, uncontrollable anger, addictive behaviours, anxiety, pain that won't resolve with physical therapies and so on.

As little people, we imprint an event into our memory and from that comes a belief. When you think back to some of the memories that are imprinted in your mind, you will understand what I mean. Some are good, some are not.

When we imprint a memory, the belief that comes from it may be positive and helpful ' I can do anything I put my mind to', 'I am good at riding a bicycle', I'm good at learning languages', I am good with my hands'..

If the memory was traumatic to a greater or lesser extent, we could imprint what we saw and heard, resulting in ' I am not good enough', 'I am not safe' , I am unloveable', 'I am unforgiveable' , 'if I play, something bad will happen' , 'no-one wants to be with me' and so on.

In psychotherapy it is acknowledged that that we are a product of our past learnings and experiences.

It is important to remember that we are all individuals and will react to a situation in our own unique way. This is why two people can have the same experience and react very differently. This is why each Matrix Re-imprinting session is tailored to the individual. 

With Matrix Re-imprinting, we can re-imprint past events so that they no longer cause a present day reaction e.g. a dog went for me when I was 6. I couldn't look Alsations in the face for years and years. Since working with Matrix Reimprinting, I feel more confident around dogs.

Our beliefs shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality. If we change our beliefs, we can really change anything!

What do you believe about YOU?

Are you good looking, healthy, weak, not good enough, deserving of a good life, always in a drama? We all have thousands of beliefs- some supportive and others self-destructive. We hold them in our subconscious mind.

We have two minds: our conscious and our subconscious. Our conscious mind is our creative mind. It is the one that operates when we are painting or creating, being in the moment. It holds our wishes and desires. It is creative and not time dependent.

Our subconscious mind contains all the programmes of everything you have ever learnt - from walking to whether it is safe to love someone, whether dogs are to be trusted, to brushing your teeth or riding a bike. A traumatic event is live in our subconscious.

Science has proved that our subconscious mind runs our lives 95% or more of the time...... Yup, it is like we are running on pre-recorded tapes.

Matrix Re-imprinting is a bridge between the two minds

When we are traumatised - e.g. as a child, in an accident, severe shock of a diagnosis we experience 'freeze' in similar fashion to animals, who pretend to be dead to put the predator off. Even if the predator continues the attack, the 'freeze' prevents the pain of the kill being as severe as it might be.

A part of us splits off to contain these feelings which are too painful to express. This allows us to 'get on with life.' However, this part never stops experiencing the trauma. It will react to situations that are similar as it tries bring your attention to it, in order to heal.This may be the baby you, the child you, the teenager you, the last week you. These traumatic 'memories' are stored as if the baby you, was fully present in you. 

When a similar event occurs, e.g. a dog tries to bite you (and you have a memory aged 3 of this),  you will feel as though you are 3 and feel the same feelings you felt then. You may well over-react to the situation. This is not surprising as you are really experiencing the dog coming towards you as when you were three.

This may well explain feelings of unexplained fear, anger or anxiety - or indeed any emotion that you feel that you have no control over.

While this 'freeze' is protective, if allowed to stay in our system for a long time, it depletes our energies, particularly our healing energies. This affects our growth and repair and is usually involved in all chronic conditions from arthritis, ME, skin conditions, unresolving or chronic back problems, depression and more.

The session encourages you to look at your younger self in a memory. Let's stick with the 'dog' above. You will  find it easier than you think to go back to when you were three and talk to your younger self! We use tapping on existing emotions to take us to the scene. We don't want to re-traumatise you, that is not what this is about. It is about changing the energies around the incident so that the next time a dog comes towards you, you are more comfortable.

When you connect with your memory, we check to see how you are feeling in present time and at the time of the incident. At some point we ask you, 'what did you decide as a result of this incident'?

This is where it is amazing! You may have decided that 'the world is not a safe place', 'all dogs are dangerous', 'I can't cope', 'I am vulnerable', 'I don't have the resources I need', 'I will never recover from this' and more.

Talking and tapping helps you to change these decisions which have become negative core beliefs and are interfering in your life.

It is important to remember that we are all individuals and will react to a situation in our own unique way. This is why several people can have the same experience and react very differently. This is why each Matrix Re-imprinting session is tailored to the individual. 

Our goal is that by the end of the session, your younger self feels better and some of the decisions and beliefs you made at that time, can be looked at from the adult perspective and thus reduce, if not change or leave altogether.

This has effects on long term pain, disability, disease, energy levels and more.

  Aims of Matrix Re-Imprinting:

  • To discover limiting beliefs or thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.
  • To let go of self-talk that supports our dysfunction e.g. ‘I am not good/clever/pretty enough’, ‘ that’s the way I am’, ‘I can’t change’, ‘I am stuck’, ‘I can’t get better’.
  • To learn more about our own beliefs that are, currently, invisibly, causing us problems
  • To look at a problem from a new perspective
  • To increase the health of our whole system so we cope with whatever life presents to us and are happier and excited to be alive
  • To understand more of how the body responds to stress particularly our own patterns
  • To find self-help techniques to help support healing
  • To learn tapping (EFT) to help with current and past stressful situations\

When we react in strange ways, that seem out of proportion to what is happening, the body is most likely trying to protect us e.g. when we are fearful we freeze as animals do in the wild to feign death, we ‘fight or flight’ when threatened.

Animals shake it off with shivering and shaking but humans don’t….. we tend to keep the trauma locked away. It wants to be healed and will call for attention which explains why some pains just don't heal. Learn how to shake it off on our Relaxation page.

The Stress Response was NEVER meant to be switched on all the time.

 Healing CANNOT occur when we are in fight, flight or freeze.


This is how and why our healing can improve with this work. When you feel better, calmer, and with more energy, this will have knock-on effects on your health and the people around you, plus how you face and approach challenges.

Matrix Re-imprinting does use EFT tapping points, so that is why we have Fabienne demonstrating this in the short video below. There is more info on the page dedicated to Emotional Freedom Technique by clicking here


Fabienne Brilland

Maggie Brooks-Carter