Active Isolated Stretching

Originally conceived by Aaron L. Mattes as a means of sports therapy more than 35 years ago, Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.) has long since established itself as a pragmatic, easy to understand and to apply means of relieving pain, imbalance in the muscles and postural problems.

The 4 Basic Principles:

  1. Isolate the muscle to be stretched.
  2. Keep the muscle 30% active during the move.
  3. Hold each stretch for no more than two seconds.
  4. Exhale on the stretch; inhale on the release.

Repeat the Active Stretch 5 to 10 Times

Active Isolated Stretching is not just an encyclopedia of useful stretches.

Most importantly it is a new way to approach stretching and muscle-activation. It is a way to reconsider what is possible and achievable through the use of range of motion.