Skin Complaints

Massage Therapy is effective in reducing stress levels which is all important in skin conditions.

We do not advise massaging over skin lesions, rashes etc., but certainly other areas can be massaged to obtain the relaxation effects.

Reflexology can produce dramatic results in psoriasis and dermatitis as the affected areas can be worked through the feet.

Shiatsu in another way of treating the whole body energetically

Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting can be used as a talking therapy to understand more about how and why the skin condition is there. There is usually a separation conflict which can go back to our babyhood. When we heal this separation conflict, the condition improves. Using tapping and being fully present for you, the client who has severe itching and inflammation, we can help the understanding. This changes the energy around it and any blocked energy dissipates with a reduction in symptoms. It is amazing work - do phone in if you are interested.



Common itchy skin disease characterised by reddening and vesicle formation, which may lead to weeping and crusting. It is endogenous i.e. outside agents do not play a primary role. Found all over the body, but most often on the inside of the knee and elbow joints, and on the face, hands and scalp.

This can affect all ages and in children, is particularly upsetting. Regular Reflexology and dietary changes are the most effective. Working with mum and/or dad with EFT can be amazing too. Mum can use EFT on her child also.


Chronic skin disease, with no known cause, in which scaly pink patches, covered in silvery scales (that are   constantly shed) form on the elbows, knees, scalp and in severe cases all over the body. Sizes of scales vary from minute spots to quite large sheets of skin. Not infectious.

Regular Reflexology and dietary changes are the most effective. Shiatsu and EFT are also recommended.