Sleep problems

Sleeping is something those who are good at it, take for granted.

  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
  • Do you wake far too early and can't get back to sleep?
  • Do you sleep all night but really feel you need another few hours?
  • Do you find that when you turn off the lights,  that you are not ready to sleep even though you were nodding off with your book or watching television?


It is important to move and exercise during the day. Walking, aerobic activity, cycling and moving are important FOR EVERYONE.

We want to move all of our body preferably in fresh air. That is such a boost for our systems. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather - just the wrong clothes! See our videos for ideas for keeping everything moving.

Too much computer work and screens will tire us mentally but not physicallly. Bodies don't like that! Brains don't really like these blue screens. Don't look at them during the night either.....too much stimulation. We suggest no screens for two hours before you want to go to sleep.

Nutrition is important, no caffeine later on, drink water. Your body is 80% water so keep it hydrated.

Relaxation techniques as described in our section on relaxation, will help.

Most times these erratic patterns in sleep are caused by our nervous systems being irregular. In other words, the system that wires us stays too 'wired'.

We have an automatic/autonomic nervous systems that keeps us out of harm's way and numbs us when we are shocked by an incident.

However, another part of this automatic/autonomic nervous system is also responsible for rest and repair. Hormones are secreted to do their jobs.

It is not good for us to be so revved up so that we can't repair. We may sleep like the dead but it is not a restorative sleep with the right hormones doing their job.

So why are we so wired?

If there is underlying stress from accidents, life incidents and arguments and upsets then the  body is reminding you that these need healed. Indeed, all this old stuff, is still stimulating you. It is like we have this go-go-go which won't stop. We just can't switch off. This is so fatiguing. We feel exhausted. It's a bit like driving with the brake on.

This may also be something to do with past stresses and worries but it often has its roots in early childhood trauma. 

The more we can be in our bodies' the more regulated our nervous system will be. Just be.

When you go  to bed at a regular time and with a sleep routine, lie down and breathe out. This relaxes you.

Scan your body for tensions. Breathe into them (through your nose). Don't think - just feel and breathe. At the same time, feel your body being supported on the bed, feel your legs, your arms, your torso, your head on the pillow. If thoughts come in just go back to feeling your body. It will take practice. We have to teach ourselves how to calm ourselves without pressure. 

Close your eyes then feeling them closing again. Feel your throat and allow it to relax. Your shoulders and neck, just feel them warming and relaxing. No pressure just be aware and breathe out into the area. Do this to your arms, hands and fingers, hips, legs, feet and toes, your back, your head.

If an area wants more attention - great breathe into it again with the longer outbreath Visualising a colour often helps too. If the left shoulder is a bit dark then bring in a colour to lighten it. See the colour infiltrating every cell and soothing and healing.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a useful tool that you can use on your own or indeed, visit an EFT practitioner. Many people have found that 'tapping' on the meridian points can lead to a better sleep. Have a look at the page this links to and give it a try.

Matrix Reimprinting helps to find what is really causing your sleep problems. We can go back to early childhood experiences and help our younger selves.

Breathing Techniques will also help. Visit this page to try it out.

Relaxation and Relaxation Massage has a lot of helpful tips for relaxing.


Insomnia refers to difficulty in sleeping which may manifest as difficulty in falling asleep, or waking too soon or often during the night. The person often wakes feeling unrefreshed and this can affect daily life. Concentration is affected so this can be dangerous. Insomnia can be related to other conditions or stressful situations such as worry about an ill family member or bereavement i.e. secondary insomnia or it can occur for no obvious reason: primary insomnia

Keeping a sleep diary is a good idea and developing good habits prior to going to bed helps.

Research from the Touch Research Institute in Miami, found that Massage Therapy was very effective in helping people with insomnia not only to fall asleep more easily but also to sleep for longer.

We would recommend an evening appointment and asking a friend to accompany you! It is breaking the pattern of insomnia that is the important issue.

Treating structural problems may also be necessary but your Massage Therapist will be able to advise you.