Sleep problems

Insomnia refers to difficulty in sleeping which may manifest as difficulty in falling asleep, or waking too soon or often during the night. The person often wakes feeling unrefreshed and this can affect daily life. Concentration is affected so this can be dangerous. Insomnia can be related to other conditions or stressful situations such as worry about an ill family member or bereavement i.e. secondary insomnia or it can occur for no obvious reason: primary insomnia

Keeping a sleep diary is a good idea and developing good habits prior to going to bed helps.

Research from the Touch Research Institute in Miami, found that Massage Therapy was very effective in helping people with insomnia not only to fall asleep more easily but also to sleep for longer.

We would recommend an evening appointment and asking a friend to accompany you! It is breaking the pattern of insomnia that is the important issue.

Treating structural problems may also be necessary but your Massage Therapist will be able to advise you.