Matrix Birth Reimprinting

  • Do you ever feel disconnected, depressed, anxious, separate or detached at times?
  • Have you tried counselling, CBT and other therapies with no real improvement in how you feel?

Many of these feelings can relate back to a difficult birth experience.

With Matrix Birth Reimprinting you can go back to the womb and re-imprint your birth experience, which will change your energy levels, mood, and wellbeing in the present.

  • Our birth stories affect our lives today.Conception, our time in the womb, our birth and the first 6 years are such a critical time. With Matrix Birth Reimprinting, we can look at how our belief systems are formed during this time;

In addition to this our own traumas of miscarriage, abortion, adoption, loss of a child, infertility, pregnancy, traumatic childbirth memories have far reaching effects and thus, still affect our lives

Thus, a session can be about your own birth or about the birth of your own child. We  can even focus on your forthcoming labour and birth.......This would be future birth re-imprinting.

The goal of a Matrix Birth Reimprinting session is to release any negativity around the subconscious memories of our conception, time in the womb, birth and our very early years.

We then facilitate healing for ourselves and/or our baby.

We can imprint the birth we would have liked for ourselves or the birth we would have liked for our son or daughter.

Sharon King (author of ‘Heal your Birth, Heal your Life’ says,

‘it is never too late to have the birth we want’

and this gives us a magical new beginning 

with its far reaching consequences……….



Maggie Brooks-Carter DO RGN SMTO