Budding Future Osteopaths!

By Maggie Brooks

Wednesday 25th March  – our day began with a visit from 10 of the toddlers from local Braehead Nursery.  Gillian Low and her nursery nurse Lynsey Young and parent Fiona Little visited the small businesses and shops in the Braehead Way Shopping Centre, Bridge of Don. The little people arrived two-by-two to walk around the different small businesses in this busy shopping centre.

Brooks-Carter Clinic’s Maggie Brooks-Carter welcomed the children to her clinic and they were shown around the treatment rooms before the busy clinic started its day.  They saw the many pictures of the human body and muscle charts and were excited to see the model skeletons which are used to identify various parts of the body and organs.  The skeletons were twice as big as the children.   The Brooks-Carter Clinic offer osteopathy and various massage treatments.   Maggie demonstrated some massage moves on Gillian and was informed that the children were going to practice these back at the nursery.

It’s a wonderful business to work in, says Maggie, so it’s always good to introduce them early.  We look forward to the rest of the class visiting next week and who knows there may be some budding therapists or osteopaths among them?  Maggie co-founded the clinic 30 years ago.  We hope the children enjoyed their morning and we would to have them visit again!

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