Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Injections (PRP) and Ozone Therapy Injections

Our Osteopathy, Sean Paynter now offers Prozone Rich Platelet Therapy Injections (PRP) and Ozone Therapy Injections –  yes he is the first in Scotland!

Read all about these amazing therapies which have been compared to stem cell therapy, on this website or call the Clinic and Sean will talk to you. Ozone Therapy is a highly successful regenerative medicine protocol that aims to treat unresolved joint pain and injuries. It is used worldwide so it is time we had it in Aberdeen! Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Injections are amazing as rather than put something into a problem joint, that your body doesn’t recognise, it uses concentrated parts of your own blood to help activate regeneration.


COVID-19: Adapting Brooks-Carter Clinic in line with government guidelines

We are asking all clients if they currently have signs and symptoms and to postpone any appointment until they are symptom free.

All those working in BCC have no signs and symptoms and are making extra efforts in regard to washing hands, changing clothes more frequently, offering to wear a mask, visor or gloves, cleaning clinic space after each client, using different rooms to allow rooms to ventilate.

All those visiting BCC can be assured that social distancing is being observed as per guidelines. Clinic cleaning is more frequent with deep cleaning once a week.

Our usual towels, covers and face cradles have been replaced with plastic equivalents and paper towels.

Our Reception area does have space and we have a screen up. If clients prefer to book on-line or by telephone for their next appointment or even pay over the phone, this service can be offered.

There is ample space in the waiting area but anyone who prefers to wait in a room on their own can request this.

We invite you to wash your hands before your appointment, there are adequate facilities next to our Clinic.

We are delighted to welcome you back to the Clinic and please let us know if you have any concerns or if you see that there is something that we can do better.

Success for National Massage Day 2014

National Massage last week on Friday 16th May was a huge success.

Many therapists, schools of massage and massage clinics celebrated with discounts/massage congas and other celebrations. The London celebrations culminated after a wonderful party atmosphere on Westminster Bridge with 100’s of people celebrating the benefits of massage, with 130 staff from St Thomas’ Hospital receiving a massage.

The press coverage included; Evening Standard/Express/interview on BBC Bristol, as well as industry publications.

This is however just the beginning, the rest of 2014 will see Gill Tree campaigning with her Manifesto for a Pro-Touch Society to:

1/ Make Massage and other touch therapies more accessible in a balanced health care system via the National Health Service and Private Medical Health Insurance

2/ Raise the professional status of the massage industry and increase the recognition for the way the industry is contributing to and supporting society

3/ Build a statistical awareness of the economic and therapeutic value that massage has in society and organise a campaign to educate society to demonstrate how Massage and touch are not a luxury

4/ Reduce the limitations and damage caused by ‘duties of care’ that prevent instinctive and natural touch in our institutions and by service providers

5/ Reduce and prevent inappropriate touch through empowering the receiver to say no

Sign Gill’s petition now, if you haven’t already done so

National Massage Day 2015 is Friday 15th May 2015, be there and be part of a much bigger and more nationwide event. If you would like to be part of the planning party let Gill know!

Happy massaging!

Maggie Brooks-Carter at Commonwealth Games

A third of Sports Massage Practitioners at the Commonwealth Games are Members of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation founded by Brooks-Carter Clinic osteopath Maggie Brooks-Carter DO, RGN, SMTO and the late Nick Carter in Aberdeen in 1992.

Maggie and Nick trained Alan Hay (through Scottish Massage Schools also run from Aberdeen). He is now the Lead Sports Massage Practitioner for the Commonwealth Games and is the organiser of the Sports Massage Practitioners. He is also the Lead Sports Massage Therapist for the Scottish Institute of Sport. He has done a great deal to help get Sports Massage where it is and was presented with the Nick Carter Memorial Trophy for the therapist who had done the most for Sports Massage promotion.

Maggie continues to run the SMTO from Aberdeen as Chairman and is joining her colleagues to form a medical team with doctors, sports doctors, nurses, physios, podiatrists, optometrists and more. She is working in the Polyclinic in the Athletes’ Village which is fully equipped with its own MRI scanner and Xray machines.

Trainings are complete and the first shift is on Sunday 13th July – preparing athletes for the competition.

Maggie and her colleagues are proud to represent Massage on the world stage and proud to offer Sports Massage Therapy to athletes from all over the Commonwealth.

As richer nations have their own teams of practitioners so other nations are also going to be able to benefit from the amazing effects of Sports Massage.

Renowned athletes have spoken out for years about how much better they can train and perform thanks to Sports Massage and they have helped Remedial and Sports Massage get where it is today with practitioners all around the world.

As far back as 900 BC, Homer was writing about the benefits of massage and exercise in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Galen (born in Pergamon, 131-201 BC) is considered the father of Sports Massage but it has taken some time to reach the point of being in a team of Sports Massage Practitioners at CG14 – from Galen who was a doctor at a school of gladiators!

Vladimir Kuts, a Soviet Long distance runner set an Olympic record for the 10,000 metres beating British Runner Gordon Pirie in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. He reported that he could not have undertaken the rigorous training necessary to win the Olympic gold if he hadn’t had a massage every day to help him recuperate faster. By 1984, massage became available to all athletes at the Olympic Games.

Indeed, the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984 saw the first official team of Sports Massage Practitioners in attendance. This has developed into Sports Massage Practitioners being part of the teams supporting professional (and amateur) athletes at all levels at most good sporting events. Members of the SMTO worked at the Olympics Sports Massage Team in 2013 in London.

In 1998, SMTO Members provided Sports Massage for the Junior Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. Now, they are ready to work as Clydesiders in Glasgow.

In Glasgow, the Sports Massage Practitioners will be working alongside Sports Medicine Doctors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and more. Maggie is working in the Polyclinic at the AthletesVillage though there are Sports Massage Practitioners based at all the main events.

Most serious athletes work out every day to achieve peak performance and the highest level of fitness. This training intensity and consistency comes at a cost, however, as muscle stiffness, physical and mental fatigue, pain, stress and injuries are a constant threat. Many athletes require Sports Massage to enable them to train at the highest level every day.

Sports Massage aims to reduce the stress and tension which builds in the body’s tissues as a response to physical activities. Athletes at the Commonwealth Games will know already that Sports Massage can be of assistance throughout all stages training, during and post competition as well as providing injury recovery and prevention. Sports Massage improves circulation and lymphatic flow as well as helping metabolic waste move into the circulation – ‘rubbish out – good stuff in!’. Sports Massage Practitioners will be aware of their role in assisting the increase or decrease of muscle tone and length using a variety of techniques including manipulating and rehabilitating the soft tissues of the body – the muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is important as many athletes rely on the increased tone to perform their sport.

Injuries usually occur as a result overexertion and repetitive strain coupled with the stress of competing. What this means is that athletes who get a regular massage are able to work harder day to day to achieve peak physical performance and fitness.

Go Scotland – and SMTO Members are certainly going to do their bit to make sure that the Glasgow Commonwealth Games is a huge success. There have been several training days and the work and dedication of everyone involved is to be admired.

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts attend Maggie and her colleagues already at Brooks-Carter Clinic at Braehead Way Shopping Centre, Bridge of Don. The more people that seek Remedial and Sports Massage, the more the word gets round!


We have had a recent independent client survey (2021) to find out if people really are satisfied with Brooks-Carter Clinic. We had nearly 100% satisfaction, not only with our therapists but also with our reception staff. All respondents were keen to refer friends, relatives and colleagues to us as their experience had been so beneficial. There were many encouraging comments!

Budding Future Osteopaths!

By Maggie Brooks

Wednesday 25th March  – our day began with a visit from 10 of the toddlers from local Braehead Nursery.  Gillian Low and her nursery nurse Lynsey Young and parent Fiona Little visited the small businesses and shops in the Braehead Way Shopping Centre, Bridge of Don. The little people arrived two-by-two to walk around the different small businesses in this busy shopping centre.

Brooks-Carter Clinic’s Maggie Brooks-Carter welcomed the children to her clinic and they were shown around the treatment rooms before the busy clinic started its day.  They saw the many pictures of the human body and muscle charts and were excited to see the model skeletons which are used to identify various parts of the body and organs.  The skeletons were twice as big as the children.   The Brooks-Carter Clinic offer osteopathy and various massage treatments.   Maggie demonstrated some massage moves on Gillian and was informed that the children were going to practice these back at the nursery.

It’s a wonderful business to work in, says Maggie, so it’s always good to introduce them early.  We look forward to the rest of the class visiting next week and who knows there may be some budding therapists or osteopaths among them?  Maggie co-founded the clinic 30 years ago.  We hope the children enjoyed their morning and we would to have them visit again!

BCC is now BUPA Registered

Brooks-Carter Clinic are delighted to announce that we are now BUPA Registered.

Osteopath Maggie Brooks-Carter is now accepting bookings from BUPA clients for osteopathic treatment at our Braehead Way premises in Aberdeen.

To book an appointment please contact our practice manager Maureen on 01224 822956 or by email at

Please note that we also accept insurance clients from AXA PPP and Aviva.

National Migraine Week

It is National Migraine Week from 6th to 12th September- do tell your friends to pop in or call Mo for an appointment 01224 822956.  Mind you every week is Migraine Week at Brooks-Carter Clinic!

Do you or your friends or family suffer from migraine? A whopping 10% of the population does….misaligned spine bones can irritate the nerves that travel from the spinal cord to the neck and brain. The vagus nerve travels through the neck which is why nausea and vomiting can be among the signs and symptoms.

Realigning the vertebrae relieves the stress on the nerves and blood vessels and reduces the likelihood of migraine and other headaches.