COVID-19: Adapting Brooks-Carter Clinic in line with government guidelines

We are asking all clients if they currently have signs and symptoms and to postpone any appointment until they are symptom free.

All those working in BCC have no signs and symptoms and are making extra efforts in regard to washing hands, changing clothes more frequently, offering to wear a mask, visor or gloves, cleaning clinic space after each client, using different rooms to allow rooms to ventilate.

All those visiting BCC can be assured that social distancing is being observed as per guidelines. Clinic cleaning is more frequent with deep cleaning once a week.

Our usual towels, covers and face cradles have been replaced with plastic equivalents and paper towels.

Our Reception area does have space and we have a screen up. If clients prefer to book on-line or by telephone for their next appointment or even pay over the phone, this service can be offered.

There is ample space in the waiting area but anyone who prefers to wait in a room on their own can request this.

We invite you to wash your hands before your appointment, there are adequate facilities next to our Clinic.

We are delighted to welcome you back to the Clinic and please let us know if you have any concerns or if you see that there is something that we can do better.

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