Success for National Massage Day 2014

National Massage last week on Friday 16th May was a huge success.

Many therapists, schools of massage and massage clinics celebrated with discounts/massage congas and other celebrations. The London celebrations culminated after a wonderful party atmosphere on Westminster Bridge with 100’s of people celebrating the benefits of massage, with 130 staff from St Thomas’ Hospital receiving a massage.

The press coverage included; Evening Standard/Express/interview on BBC Bristol, as well as industry publications.

This is however just the beginning, the rest of 2014 will see Gill Tree campaigning with her Manifesto for a Pro-Touch Society to:

1/ Make Massage and other touch therapies more accessible in a balanced health care system via the National Health Service and Private Medical Health Insurance

2/ Raise the professional status of the massage industry and increase the recognition for the way the industry is contributing to and supporting society

3/ Build a statistical awareness of the economic and therapeutic value that massage has in society and organise a campaign to educate society to demonstrate how Massage and touch are not a luxury

4/ Reduce the limitations and damage caused by ‘duties of care’ that prevent instinctive and natural touch in our institutions and by service providers

5/ Reduce and prevent inappropriate touch through empowering the receiver to say no

Sign Gill’s petition now, if you haven’t already done so

National Massage Day 2015 is Friday 15th May 2015, be there and be part of a much bigger and more nationwide event. If you would like to be part of the planning party let Gill know!

Happy massaging!

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